Personal Trainer Onur Basaran

If you want to integrate a fun sport into your life, we suggest you try Personal Trainer Onur Basaran . By taking Boxing lessons or Fitness lessons you can acquire a fun hobby, stay young, and have a fit body . Boxing is the perfect choice of sports for women or men, the elderly or the youth, everybody of all ages and trades can enjoy sports. Best of all, you do not have to be a professional to enjoy it, you can have fun as an amateur.

Health is something that should not be neglected. It is something you do not appreciate at a young age, but it will create problems for you in the future if you do not take care of youself. By participating in boxing workouts at an early age, you can pass on the benefits of movement as much as possible, and you can slow your body’s aging process.

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Women's Boxing Classes

If you are thinking about starting a new sport, we recommend women’s boxing classes. The reason being boxing improves quality of your life. By strengthening your muscular system, you will begin a very healthy life. If you are aiming for a healthy life, you should choose a sport that you can do routinely in any season. Boxing is a sport where both women and men will love and will continue enjoying after each boxing lesson. You should definitely complete your boxing outfits while continuing to work on women’s boxing classes. You can find your favorite color and style of boxing outfits in shops selling sporting goods and in boxing halls.


One common misconception with boxing is that it is only for men. Boxing is a sport where women can strengthen their muscle structure and learn self-defense. The most important detail about women is their confidence in safety with this sport. Rest assured, we advise you boxing is the most enjoyable way of women to learn to defend yourself and lose weight. Boxing halls giving women’s boxing classes are increasingly popular for this reason. Women are becoming more curious about defense sports. Even more so, women who know boxing techniques are confident they can always protect themselves.  Professorial personal trainer Onur Basaran teaches you boxing in the easiest and most fun way.

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Teenage Boxing Lessons

Technology make us live in isolation more and more, without real interaction with people. We do this without noticing. When you observe your teeangers and compare their social life with that from your childhood, you can see how different the future society will be. We are so reliant on computers, tablets and smartphones in our daily lives that we only spend a small fraction of our days with our friends. How does technology driven loneliness affect the growth of our teenagers? If you see this problem, you need to take preventative action now and consider teenage boxing lessons.

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teenage boxing classes
Boxing does not equal violence

Boxing is often a misunderstood subject. Parents worry their children will be encouraged to fight if their kids get boxing lessons. This is simply not true. Kids are interested in the sport of boxing rather than fighting. When training for the sport, children learn to be disciplined, which means they would do everything in their power to avoid fighting. This fact applies to every sport. A good athlete starts with being a gentleman. A professional athelete forms highly disciplined life habits that would benefit him during adolesence and for the rest of his life. Parents are misinformed because of missing information, thinking that this sport is not for children. Teenage boxing classes, a sport that gives strength to the muscular system and increases personal success as an individual sport.

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Boxing Downtown Toronto

Boxing supports you by contributing to your health and having a better, more balanced life. Boxing is a life-enhancing sports that helps you obtain a stress-free life. As such, when you start getting boxing lessons your life will change in the right direction. The ability to win with boxing will ensure you have a better quality of life. Boxing Downtown Toronto allows you to learn self-defense techniques and thus to be able to protect yourself at all times.

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Boxing Lessons

Boxing is the right choice when you decide to play sports. Because boxing lessons brings you the health and enjoyment of your life. It is the right choice for you to learn self-defense techniques while getting physically stronger. When you start taking boxing classes with Boxing Downtown Toronto, your flexibility, strength and balance abilities begin to develop. Boxing is a sport that affects your achievements in a positive way. Over time your way of life intersects with the sport discipline you take as a boxer. You become more ambitious, success-oriented and determined. You can see that you have increased confidence in yourself when you are struggling with problems, and that you are getting stronger for life.

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boxing classes helps you succeed

We know that students are completely focused on studying to ensure a successful school period, staying away from social life if necessary. Well, do you believe that focusing on the school is healthy enough to stay away from social life? During the training period, we advise young people preparing for university exams to take boxing classes to achieve a more balanced lifestyle and better mental health. We think that boxing exercises are extremely useful for personal success, and that students will become more ambitious and successful in their educational life thanks to individual sports.

The school period corresponds to the years adolescence. It is important to note that the final preparations, physical or mental, are equally important for the adulthood. The greatest mistake of our young people is to regard their body developments as trivial while giving importance to the schooling. Gyms offering boxing classes are places where young people should evaluate during the examination periods. You can spend a positive time for physical development by boxing two days a week, you can also get up from the table and increase your perception potential by allowing more oxygen to go to the brain at the same time. Body development and intelligence development are parallel to each other. While trying to be successful in education, it is a mistake to reduce the most of the body activities while preparing to get the best grades from the examinations. By doing sports, the brain produces serotonin, and you feel happier and stronger. The vitality, active perception and awareness that young people need is made possible through sports.

As a part of education, sports must be found in young people’s lives. The personal ambitions of young people who receive boxing classes increase their success. Because it is an individual sport, young adults also see positive changes in their characters by boxing. Success is inevitable for boxing enthusiasts and it is well known how to achieve it. They learn concentration through boxing, focus on the goal they want to achieve. So, thanks to these passions, they try to fight rather than take refuge in the rules to be more successful in exams. The biggest reason why young people fail their exams is that they are isolating themselves from many things while preparing for exams. However, by doing sports, trying to be as mentally and physically prepared as possible, they will be best prepared to succeed in exams. They have to work hard to achieve success, know they have to deserve success. They must realize the importance of trying to have a successful life and to do it right. Sports, boxing classes allow students to learn how to manage their ambitions.


The belief that children learning boxing will tend to quarrel is misleading. Children, if they are interested in what kind of sport it is, do not fight. A child who takes a boxing class first learns to defend and gets an athletıc personality with the value it brings with boxing. We would like to state that there is absolutely no harm in getting boxing classes in order to prevent children from falling back from boxing, and from avoiding spore volunteering.

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